Ezekiel 31

Matthew(i) 1 Moreouer, it happened in the .xi. yeare the fyrst daye of the third Moneth that the worde of the Lorde came vnto me sayinge: 2 Thou sonne of man speake vnto Pharao the kynge of Egypte and to all hys people: Whome arte thou lyke in thy greatenesse? 3 Beholde, Assur was lyke a Cedre tree vpon the mount of Lybanus wyth fayre braunches, so thicke, that he gaue shadowes & shote oute very hye. Hys toppe reached vnto the cloudes. 4 The waters made hym great, & the depe set hym vp an hye. Rounde aboute the rotes of hym ranne there floudes of water, he sente oute hys lytle ryuers vnto al the trees of the felde. 5 Therfore was he hyer then all the trees of the felde, and thorowe the multytude of waters that he sente from hym, he obtayned manye longe braunches. 6 All foules of the ayre made theyr nestes in hys braunches, vnder his bowes gendred all these beastes of the felde and vnder hys shadowe dwelte all people. 7 Fayre and beutyful was he in hys greatnesse and in the length of hys braunches, for hys rote stode besyde great waters, 8 no Cedre tree myght hyde hym. In the pleasaunte garden of God, there was no fyrre tre lyke his braunches, the plaine trees were not lyke the bowes of hym. All the trees in the garden of God myght not be compared vnto hym in hys beuty 9 so fayre and goodly had I made him wyth the multytude of hys braunches: In so muche that al the trees in the pleasaunte garden of God, had enuye at hym. 10 Therfore, thus saith the Lorde God: for so muche as he hath lyfte vp him self so hye, & stretched his toppe into the cloudes, & seynge hys herte is proude in hys hyghnesse: 11 I wyl delyuer hym into the handes of the myghtyest amonge the Heathen, which shall rote hym oute. Accordyng to hys wickednes will I cast him awaye, 12 the enemyes shall destroye hym, and the myghty men of the Heathen shall so scatre hym, that his braunches shall lye vpon all mountaynes & in al valeys: hys bowes shalbe broken doune to the ground thorowoute the lande. Then all the people of the lande shal go from hys shadowe, and forsake hym. 13 When he is fallen, all the foules of the ayre shal syt vpon hym, & all wyld beastes of the felde shall go aboute among his braunches: 14 so that from henceforth, no tre in the water shall attayne to hys hyghnesse, nor reache hys toppe vnto the cloudes, neyther shall any tre of the water stand so hye, as he hath done. For vnto death shall they all be delyuered vnder the earthe, and go doune to the graue, like other men. 15 Moreouer, thus sayeth the Lord God: In the daye when he goeth doune to the graue, I wyl cause a lamentacyon to be made, I wyll couer the depe vpon him, I wyll staunche his floudes, and the great waters shalbe restraigned. I shall cause Lybanus to be sorowful for hys sake, and all the trees of the felde shall be smytten. 16 I wyll make the Heathen shake at the sounde of hys fall, when I caste hym doune to hell, with them that descende into the pytte. All the trees of Eden, with all the chosen and best trees of Lybanus, yea and all they that are planted vpon the waters, shall mourne with him also in the lower habytacyons: 17 for they shall go doune to hell wyth hym, vnto them that be slayne with the swearde, whiche dwelte afore vnder the shadowe of hys arme amonge the Heathen. 18 To whome shalte thou be lykened, that arte so gloryous and greate, amonge the trees of Eden? Yet arte thou cast doune vnder the earthe (amonge the trees of Eden) where thou muste lye amonge vncyrcumcysed, with them that be slayne with the swearde. Euen thus is it with Pharao and al hys people, sayeth the Lorde God.