Ezekiel 24

Matthew(i) 1 In the .ix. year, in the .x. Moneth the .x. day of the Moneth, came the worde of the Lorde vnto me sayinge: 2 O thou sonne of man wryte vp the name of this daye, yea euen the houre of this present day: when the kinge of Babilon set hym selfe agaynste Ierusalem. 3 Shewe that obstinate housholde a parable and speake vnto them: Thus saieth the Lord God: Get the a pot, se it on, & poure water into it: 4 put al the peces together in it, all the good peces: the loyne and the shoulder, and fyll it with the best bones. 5 Take one of the best shepe, and an heape of bones with all: let it boyle well, and let the bones set well therin. 6 With that sayde the Lorde God on thys maner: Wo be vnto the bloudye citie of the pot, whervpon the rustinesse hangeth, and is not yet scoured awaye. Take out the peces that are in it, one after another: there neade not lottes be cast therfore, 7 for the bloude is yet in it. Vpon a playne drye stone hath she poured it, and not vpon the grounde, that it might be couered with dust: 8 & therfore haue I letten her poure her bloude vpon a playne drye stony rocke, because it should not be hid and that I might bringe my wrothful indignacion and vengeaunce vpon her. 9 Wherfore thus sayeth the Lorde God: O wo be vnto that bloud thursty cyty, for whom I wyll prepare a heape of wood: 10 beare thou the bones together, kindle you the fire, seeth the fleshe, let all be well soden, that the bones maye be suckte oute. 11 Moreouer, set the pot empty vpon the coales, that it may be warme & the metall hote: that the fylth & rustinesse maye be consumed. 12 But it wyl not go of, there is so muche of it: the rustinesse must be brent out. 13 Thy filthinesse is abhominable, for I woulde haue clensed the, but thou wouldest not be clensed. Thou canste not be pourged from thyne vnclennesse, tyll I haue poured my wrothfull indignacyon vpon the. 14 Euen I the Lorde haue so deuysed: Yea, it is come therto already, that I wil do it. I wyll not go backe, I will not spare, I will not be intreated: but accordynge to thy wayes & ymaginacions, thou shalt be punyshed, sayeth the lord God. 15 And the worde of the Lorde came vnto me sayinge: 16 Thou sonne of man, beholde I wil take awaye the pleasure of thyne eyes with a plage: yet shalt thou neyther mourne, nor wepe, nor water thy chekes therfore: 17 thou mayest mourne by thy self alone, but vse no deadly lamentacyon. Hold on thy bonet, and put on thy shues vpon thy fete, couer not thy face, and eate no mourners breade. 18 So I spake vnto the people by tymes in the morninge and at euen my wyfe dyed: then vpon the next morowe, I did as I was commaunded. 19 And the people sayde vnto me: wilt thou not tell vs, what that signifyeth, whyche thou doest? 20 I answered them, the word of the lord came vnto me sayinge: 21 Tell the house of Israell, thus sayeth the Lorde God: beholde, I wyl suspende my sanctuarye: euen the glorye of your power, the pleasure of youre eyes, & the thyng that ye loue, youre sonnes & doughters whome ye haue left, shall fal thorow the swerde. 22 Lyke as I haue done, so shall ye do also: Ye shall not hide youre faces, ye shall eate no mourners bread: 23 your bonnettes shall ye haue vpon youre heades, and shues vpon your fete. Ye shall neyther mourne nor wepe, but in youre sinnes ye shalbe sorowful, and one repente with another. 24 Thus Ezechiel is your shewtoken. For loke as he hath done, so when this commeth ye shall do also: that ye maye learne to knowe that I am the Lorde God. 25 But beholde, O thou sonne of man: In the daye, when I take from them their power, their ioye and honoure, the lust of their eyes, the burthen of their bodies: namelye, their sonnes and doughters. 26 Then shall there one escape, and come vnto the, for to shew the. 27 In that daye shall thy mouth be opened to him, whiche is escaped, that thou mayest speake, & be no more domme: Yea and thou shalt be their shewtoken, that they may knowe, howe that I am the Lorde.