Ezekiel 21

Matthew(i) 1 The worde of the Lorde came to me, sayinge: 2 Thou sonne of man set thy face toward Ierusalem, speake against the Sanctuary, & prophecie againste the lande of Israel, saye to the lande of Israel: 3 Thus sayeth the Lorde God: Beholde, I wil vpon the, & wil drawe my swerde out of the sheath, and rote out of the both the righteous & the wycked. 4 Seinge then that I will rote oute of the both the righteous and wicked, therfore shall my swerde go oute of his sheath againste all flesh from the North to the south: 5 that al flesh may know that I the Lord haue drawen my swerde out of the sheath, and it shall not be put in agayne. 6 Mourne therfore (O thou sonne of man) that thy loines crack withal, ye mourne bitterly for them. 7 And yf they saye, wherfore mournest thou? Then tel them: for the tydinges that commeth, at the whiche al hertes shal melt, all handes shalbe letten doune, all stomackes shall faynte, and all knees shal waxe feble. Beholde, it commeth and shalbe fulfilled, sayeth the Lorde God. 8 Agayne the worde of the Lorde came vnto me sayinge: 9 Thou sonne of man, prophecye and speake: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: speake, the swearde is sharpened and well scoured. 10 Sharpened is it for the slaughter, & scoured that it may be bright. O, the destroyinge staf of my sonne, shall bringe doune all wod. 11 He hath put his swerd to the dighting the good holde may be taken of it. This swerd is sharpened & dight, that it may be geuen into the hande of the manslayer. 12 Crie (O thou sonne of man) and howle, for this swerde shall smyte my people, & all the rulers in Israel, which with my people shall be slayne doune to the grounde thorow this swerde. 13 Smyte thou vpon the thyghe, for wherfore shoulde not the plage & staf of iudgement come? 14 Prophecy thou sonne of man, & smite thine handes together: make the swerd two edged, yea make it thre edged, that manslayers swerde, that swerde of the greate slaughter, whiche shall smyte them, euen in their preuichambres, 15 to make them abashed & faynt at the hertes, and in all gates to make some of them fall. O how bright and sharpe it is, how well dight & mete for the slaughter. 16 Get the to some place alone, ether vpon the ryght hand or on the left, whether soeuer thy face turneth. 17 I wyll smyte my handes together also, & satisfye my wrothful indignacion. Euen I the Lorde haue sayde it. 18 The worde of the Lorde came yet vnto me agayne sayenge: 19 Thou sonne of man, make the two stretes, that the swerde of the kynge of Babylon maye come. Bothe these stretes shall go oute of one lande. He shall set him vp a place, at the heade of the strete shall he chose hym oute of a corner. 20 Make the a strete, that the swerde maye come towarde Kabath of the Ammonites, and to the stronge cytye of Ierusalem. 21 For the kinge of Babylon shall stande in the turning of the waye, at the head of the two stretes, to aske councell at the sothsayers, castynge the lottes with hys arowes to aske councell at the Idols, and to loke in the lyuer. 22 But the sothsayenge shall poynte to the ryght syde vpon Ierusalem, that he maye set men of warre, to smyte it wyth a greate noyse, to crye out Alarum, to set batelrammes agaynst the gates, to graue vp dyches, and to make bulworckes. 23 Neuertheles, as for the sothsayenge, they shal holde it but for vanitie, euen as thoughe a yest were tolde them: yea & they them selues remembre their wyckednesse, so that by ryght they must be taken and wonne. 24 Therfore sayeth the Lord God: For so muche as ye youre selues shew your offence, & haue opened your wickednesse, so that in all your worckes men may se youre synnes: yea in so muche (I say) that ye youre selues haue made mencyon thereof ye shalbe taken by vyolence. 25 O thou shamefull wycked gyde of Israel whose daye is come: euen the tyme that wyckednesse shall haue an ende. 26 Thus sayeth the Lorde God: take away the myre, and put of the croune, and so is it awaye: the humble is exalted, and the proude brought low. 27 Punish punyshe, yea punish them will I, and destroy them: and that shall not be fulfilled vntyll he come, to whome the iudgement belongeth, & to whome I haue geuen it. 28 And thou (O sonne of man) prophecye and speake: Thus sayeth the Lorde God to the children of Ammon, and to their blasphemye, speake thou: The swerde, the swerde is drawen forth al readye to the slaughter, and scoured that it glistreth 29 (because thou hast loked the out vanities, and prophecied lies) that it may come vpon thy necke, like as vpon the other vngodly, which be slayne: whose day came, when their wickednesse was full. 30 Though it were put vp agayn into the sheath, yet wyl I punysh the, in the land where thou wast noryshed and borne, 31 and pour my indignacion vpon the and will blowe vpon the in the fyre of my wrath, and delyuer the vnto cruell people, whych are learned to destroye. 32 Thou shalt fede the fyre and thy bloud shall be shed in the lande, that thou mayest be put out of remembraunce. Euen I the Lord haue spoken it.