Ezekiel 13

Matthew(i) 1 The worde of the Lord came vnto me, saying: 2 Thou sonne of man. Speake prophecye agaynst those Prophetes, that preache in Israel: & say thou vnto them that prophecye oute of theyr owne hertes: Heare the worde of the Lorde, 3 thus sayeth the Lorde God: Wo be vnto those folysh prophetes, that folowe their owne spryte, and speake where they se nothyng 4 O Israell, thy prophetes are lyke the foxes vpon the drye felde: 5 For they stande not in the gappes, nether make they an hedge for the house of Israel, that men myght abyde the parell in the daye of the Lord. 6 Vayne thinges they se, & tel lyes, to maintayne their preachynges with al. The Lorde (saye they) hath spoken it, when in very dede the Lorde hath not sent them. 7 Vayne vysions haue ye sene, and spoken false Prophecyes, when ye saye: the Lorde hathe spoken it where as I neuer sayde it. 8 Therfore, thus sayth the Lorde God: Because youre wordes be vayne, & ye seke oute lyes: Beholde, I wyll vpon you, saith the Lord 9 Myne handes shall come vpon the Prophetes that loke out vayne thinges, & preache lies: thei shal not be in the councell of my people, nor writen in the boke of the house of Israel, neyther shall they come in the lande of Israel, that ye maye knowe, how that I am the Lorde God. 10 And that for this cause, they haue disceyued my people, and tolde them of peace, where no peace was. One setteth vp a wal, and they daube it with louse claye. 11 Therfore tell them which dawbe it wyth vntempered morter, that it shal fal. For there shal come a great shower of rayne, greate stones shall fall vpon it, and a sore storme of wynde shal breake it, 12 so shall the wal come doune. Shal it not then be sayde vnto you: where is now the morter, that ye daubed it with all? 13 Therfore thus sayth the Lorde God: I wyll breake oute in my wrothfull displeasure with a stormye wynd, so that in myne anger there shall come a myghtye shower of rayne, & hayle stones in my wrath, to destroye withall. 14 As for the wall, that ye haue dawbed wyth vntempered morter, I wyll breake it doune, make it eauen wyth the grounde, so that the foundacyon therof shall remoue, & it shall fal, yea and ye youre selues shall perysh in the middest therof: to learne you for to knowe, that I am the Lord. 15 Thus wil I perfourme my wrath vpon thys wall, and vpon them that haue dawbed it with vntempered morter, and then wyll I saye vnto you: The wall is gone, and the dawbers are awaye. 16 These are the Prophetes of Israel, whiche prophecye vnto the cytye of Ierusalem, and loke oute vysyons of peace for them, where as no peace is, sayeth the Lorde God. 17 Wherfore (O thou sonne of man) set thy face agaynste the doughters of thy people, whiche prophecye oute of theyr owne hertes: & speake thou prophecye against them, 18 and saye: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: Wo be vnto you, that sowe pylowes vnder all arme holes, and bolsters vnder the heades both of yong and olde, to catche soules wyth all. For when ye haue gotten the soules of my people in your captiuite, ye promise them lyf 19 and dishonoure me to my people, for an handfull of barleye, and for a pece of breade: when ye kyll the soules of them, that dye not, & promes lyfe to them, that lyue not: Thus ye dyssemble with my people, that beleueth youre lyes. 20 Wherfore thus saith the Lorde God: Beholde, I wyll also vpon the pyllowes, wherwith ye catche the soules in flyenge: then wyl I take from youre armes, and let the soules go, that ye catche in flyenge. 21 Youre bolsters also will I teare in peces, & delyuer my people out of youre hande: so that they shal come no more in youre handes to be spoyled, and ye shall knowe, that I am the Lorde. 22 Seynge that with youre lyes ye discomforte the herte of the ryghteous, whome I haue not discomforted: Agayne. For so muche as ye corage the hande of the wycked, so that he maye not turne from hys wicked waye, and lyue: 23 therfore shall ye spye oute no more vanite, nor prophecye youre owne gessinges: for I wyl delyuer my people oute of youre hande, that ye maye knowe, howe that I am the Lorde.