Daniel 4:32-35

Matthew(i) 32 thou shalte be cast oute of mens companye: thy dwelling shalbe with the beastes of the felde, so that thou shalte eate grasse lyke as an oxe, tyll seuen yeares be come & gone ouer the: euen vntill thou knoweste, that the hyest hath power vpon the kyngdoms of men, and that he may geue them, vnto whom it pleaseth hym. 33 The very same houre was this matter fulfylled vpon Nabuchodonosor: so that he was cast oute of mens companye, & ate grasse like an oxe. His body was wet with the dewe of heauen, tyll hys hearres were as greate as Aegles fethers, & hys nales like byrdes clawes. 34 When this tyme was passed, I Nabuchodonosor lyfte vp myne eyes vnto heauen, and myne vnderstandynge was restored vnto me agayne. Then gaue I thanckes vnto the hyghest. I magnifyed and praysed hym that lyueth for euermore, whose power endureth alwaye, and his kingdome from one generacion to another: 35 in comparison of whom al they that dwel vpon the earth, are to be reputed as nothinge. He handleth accordinge to hys wyl, among the powers of heauen & amonge the inhabytours of the earthe: and there is none that maye resyste hys hande, or say: what doest thou?