2 Samuel 24

Matthew(i) 1 And the Lorde was wrath again agaynst Israel, and stered vp Dauid against them sayinge: go and nombre bothe Israel & Iuda. 2 And forth with the kyng said to Ioab the captayne of his host: go abroade I pray the, thorow out all the tribes of Israel euen from Dan to Bersabe and nombre the people that I may knowe the nombre of them. 3 And Ioab sayde vnto the kynge: I beseche that the Lorde thy God make the people as many mo as they be: ye & an hundred tymes so many mo, and that the eyes of my Lorde the Kynge maie se them. But howe it is that my Lorde the Kyng hath a lust in this thing? 4 Notwithstandinge the Kynges wordes preuayled agaynst Ioab and agaynst all the captaynes of the hoste. Then Ioab and the captaynes of the hoste went oute from the kynge, to vewe the people of Israell, 5 and they passed ouer Iordan and pytched in Aroer on the ryght syde of the cytye that lyeth in the myddes of the valeye of Gad, and so forthe to Iazer. 6 And then they went to Galaad, and to the nether lande of Hosedi, and from thence to Dan Iaan, and aboute to Sidon, 7 and came to the stronge towne of Tyre, and to all the cities of the Heuites and of the Cananites, and then went out to the South of Iuda, euen to Bersabe. 8 And so when they had bene abroade thorow oute al the lande, they returned to Ierusalem agayne at the ende of nyne monethes and twentye dayes. 9 And then Ioab delyuered vp the rekenynge of the nombre of the people vnto the Kynge. And there were found in Israel nyne hundred thousande men of might that drewe swerdes. And the men of Iuda were fyue hundred thousande men. 10 And Dauids herte smote him after that he had nombred the people. And he sayde vnto the Lorde: I haue sinned excedingly in that I haue done. And nowe Lorde take away the trespace of thy seruaunt: for I haue done folishely. 11 And when Dauid was vp in a mornynge the worde of the Lorde came vnto the prophete Gad Dauids sear sayinge: 12 go, and saye vnto Dauid, this sayeth the Lord: I offer the thre thinges, chose whyche of them I shal do to the. 13 And Gad came to Dauid and shewed him and sayde vnto hym: whether wilt thou haue seuen yeares hunger in thy lande, or that thou flee thre monethes before thyne enemies, and they folowyng the, or that there be thre daies pestilence in thy lande. Now vnderstand and se, what worde I shal brynge agayne to hym that sent me. 14 Then sayd Dauid vnto Gad: I am in a maruelous straite. But let me falle I praye the, into the handes of the Lorde, for muche is hys mercy, and let me not fall into the handes of men. 15 And the Lorde sent a pestylence in Israell from the morninge vnto the ende of the tyme appoynted. And there dyed of the people betwene Dan and Bethsabe .lxx. thousand men. 16 And when the Aungel stretched out his hand vnto Ierusalem to haue destroyed it, the Lord had compassion to do that euyl, and sayde to the Aungel that destroyed the people: it is suffycyent: let thyne hande cease. And the aungell was at the thressinge place of Areunah the Iebusite. 17 Then spake Dauid vnto the Lorde, when he sawe the Aungel that smote the people, and sayde: lo, it is I that haue synned, and I that haue done wickedly. But these shepe what haue they done? let I praye the thyne hande be on me, and on my fathers house. 18 And Gad came the same daye to Dauid, and sayde vnto him: go vp and reare an aultare vnto the Lorde in the thressinge floure of Areunah the Iebusite. 19 And Dauid according to the sayinge of Gad went vp as the Lorde commaunded. 20 And when Areunah loked and sawe the kynge and his seruauntes comynge towarde him, he went out, and bowed hym selfe to the kyng flat on hys face to the ground 21 and sayde: wherfore is my Lorde the kynge come to hys seruaunt? And Dauid sayde: to bye the thressinge floure of the, for to make an aultare vnto the Lorde, that the plage maye cease from the people. 22 And Areunah sayd vnto the kynge: let my Lorde the kynge take and offer what semyth hym good in his eyes: Behold, oxen for sacrefyce and sleades and the other instrumentes of the oxen for wood. 23 And Areunah the kynges frende gaue al to the kynge, and said moreouer vnto the Kynge the Lorde: the Lorde God accept the. 24 But the kynge sayde vnto Areunah: not so, but I wyll bye it of the at a pryce, and wyl not offer sacryfyce vnto the Lord my God that shal cost me nought. And so Dauid bought the thressinge floure, & the oxen for fyfty sycles of syluer, 25 & Dauid buylt there an aultare vnto the Lord, and ofred burnt sacrifices and peace offeringes And so the Lorde was agreed wyth the lande. And the plage cea. from Israel.