2 Kings 17

Matthew(i) 1 In the .xij. yeare of Ahaz kynge of Iuda, Hosea sonne of Elah beganne to raigne in Samaria, vpon Israel, & continued .ix. year 2 & dyd that displeased the Lord, but not so euyll as dyd the kynges of Israel that were before hym. 3 And Salmanasar kynge of Assyrya came vpon him, & Hosea became hys seruaunte, and gaue hym presentes. 4 And the kynge of Assyrya founde treason in Hosea, because he had sente messengers to Sua kynge of Egypte, and sente no presentes vnto the kynge of Assyrya, as he was yerely wonte to do. Therfore the kynge of Assyrya beseged hym, and put hym in pryson. 5 And then the kyng of Assyrya came thorououte all the londe, & came to Samaria & beseged it thre yeare. 6 And in the nynthe yeare of Hosea, the kynge of Assyrya toke Samaria & caryed Israel away vnto Assyrya, & put them in Hala, in Habor on the riuer of Gozan, & in the cytyes of the Medes. 7 For the chyldren of Israel had synned agaynst the Lorde theyr God whiche brought them oute of the lande of Egypt, from vnder the hande of Pharao kyng of Egypt, and feared other Goddes. 8 And they walked in the ordinaunce of the hethen which the Lorde caste oute before the children of Israel, and in the thynges which the kynges of Israell had made. 9 And the chyldren of Israel wrapt them selues in thynges that were not well toward the Lorde their God. And they buylte them hylaulters in al theyr cytyes, bothe in the toures where they kepte watche, and also in the strong tounes. 10 And they made them Images & groues on euerye hye hyll, & vnder euerye grene tree. 11 And there they sacrifyced in the hylaulters, as dyd the hethen which the Lorde caried awaye at theyr commynge, & wrought weked dedes, to angre the Lord wyth al. 12 And they serued Idoles, wherof the Lord had said to them: ye shall not do so. 13 And the Lorde testifyed to Israel & to Iuda, by all the Prophetes & by al the sears sayinge: Turne from youre wicked wayes & kepe my commaundementes & myne ordinaunces accordynge to all the lawes which I commaunded youre fathers, & as I sente to you by my seruauntes the prophetes. 14 Notwithstanding they wolde not heare, but hardened their neckes, lyke to the neckes of their fathers that dyd not beleue the Lorde theyr God. 15 And they refused his ordinaunce & his appoyntemente that he had made wyth theyr fathers, and the wytnesse which he had witnessed to them, and folowed vanitie and became vayne, lyke to the hethen that were rounde aboute them, of whiche the Lorde had charged them, that they shuld not do lyke them. 16 But they lefte the commaundementes of the Lorde their God, and made them Images of metall, euen .ij. calues: & made groues, and bowed them selues vnto all the host of heauen, & serued Baal, 17 And they sacrificed their sonnes & their doughters in fyre, & vsed witchcraft & enchauntementes, & were solde to worcke wickednes in the sight of the Lorde for to angre hym. 18 Wherfore the Lorde was excedyng wrothe with Israel & put them oute of hys sighte, that there was lefte but the trybe of Iuda onelye, 19 and therto Iuda kept not the commaundementes of the Lorde theyr God, but walked in the ordinaunces of Israel whiche they had made. 20 Therfore the Lorde caste vp all the seed of Israell, and vexed them and delyuered them into the handes of spoylers, vntyll he had cast them oute of his syght. 21 And Israel deuyded them selues from the house of Dauid, and made Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat kynge. Which Ieroboam thruste Israel awaye from the Lorde, and made them synne a great synne. 22 And so the children of Israel walcked in al the synne of Ieroboam which he had set vp, and departed not therefrom, 23 vntyll the Lorde had put Israel awaye oute of hys sighte, as he sayde by al his seruauntes the prophetes. And so he translated Israel oute of theyr lande to Assyrya, euen vnto this daye. 24 And the kynge of Assyrya brought from Babylon & from Cutha, & from Aua & from Hemath and from Sepharuaim, and put them in the cyties of Samaria in steade of the chyldren of Israel. And they possessed Samaria & dwelte in the cytyes thereof. 25 But at the begynnynge of theyr dwellynge, they feared not the Lord. Wherfore the Lorde sente lyons vpon them which slue them. 26 Then the men tolde the king of Assyrya, sayinge: The nacyons which thou hast translated, & put in the cytyes of Samaria, knowe not the maner of the God of the lande, and therfore he hath sente lyons vpon them, whiche slaye them, because they knowe not the maner of the God of the lande. 27 Then the kynge of Assyrya commaunded saying: cary thyther one of the priestes which ye brought thence, & let him go, & dwell there, & teache them the fashyon howe to serue the God of the countreye. 28 And then one of the priestes which they had caried thence, went & dwelte in Bethel, & taught them howe they shulde feare the Lorde. 29 How be it, euerye nacyon made theyr owne Goddes, & put them in the houses of the Hiaulters whiche the Samaritans had made, euerye nacion in theyr cytyes where they dwelte. 30 The men of Babilon made Socoth, Benoth. The men of Cuth made Nergell. They of Hemath made Asima. 31 The Euites made Nebahaz, and Tharthak. And the Sepharuaites burnt theyr chyldren in fyre vnto Adramelech and Anamelech, the Goddes of the Sepharuaites. 32 And though they feared the Lorde, yet they made them priestes of the loweste of the people, for the hyllaultars, whiche sacrifyced for them in the houses of the hyll aulters. 33 And so they feared the Lorde, and yet serued theyr owne Goddes after the maner of the people from whence they were brought. 34 Vnto thys daye they do after the olde maner: they neyther feare the Lorde, neyther do after theyr owne ordynaunces and customes, and after the lawe & commaundement whiche the Lord commaunded the chyldren of Iacob whose name he called Israel, 35 and made an appoyntmente with them and charged them saying: feare not any other Goddes, nor bow your selues to them nor serue them, nor sacrifice to them: 36 but to the Lorde whych brought you oute of the lande of Egypte wyth greate powre & a stretched out arme: hym feare & to him bowe & to him do sacrifice. 37 And the ordinaunces, customes, law & commaundement which I wrote for you, se that ye be diligente to do for euermore, & feare not any other Goddes. 38 And the appoyntement that I haue made wyth you, se ye forget not, and that you feare none other Goddes: 39 but the Lorde youre God ye shall feare, & he shall delyuer you out of the handes of all youre enemies. 40 How be it they hearde not, but dyd after the olde maner. 41 And euen so dyd these nacions feare the Lorde & serue theyr ymages therto: & so dyd their children & theyr chyldrens children to. Euen as dyd theyr fathers, so do they vnto this daye.