2 Corinthians 3

Matthew(i) 1 We begynne to prayse oure selues agayne. Nede we as some other, of Epistles, of recommendacion vnto you? or letters of recommendacyon from you? 2 Ye are oure Epistle wrytten in oure hertes, which is vnderstande and read of, all men, 3 in that ye are knowen, howe that ye are the Epistle of Christe, ministred by vs and writen, not wyth ynke, but wyth the spirite of the lyuyng God, not in tables of stone, but in fleshly tables of the herte. 4 Suche truste haue we throughe Christe to Godwarde 5 not that we are suffyciente of our selues to thynke any thynge as it were of our selues, but our ablenes cometh of God, 6 which hath made vs able to minister the new testament, not of the letter, but of the spirite. For the letter killeth, but the spirite geueth lyfe. 7 Yf the mynystracyon of death throughe the letters fygured in stones was gloryous, so that the chyldren of Israell coulde not behold the face of Moyses for the glory of hys countenaunce (whiche glory neuerthelesse is done awaye) 8 why shall not the ministracion of the spiryte be muche more gloryous? 9 For yf the ministrynge of condempnacyon be glorious, muche more doeth the ministracyon of ryghtuousnes excede in glorye. 10 For no doubte that which was there glorifyed is not once gloryfyed in respecte of thys excedynge glorye. 11 Then yf that whih is destroyed was gloryous muche more shall that whiche remayneth, be gloryous. 12 Seynge then that we haue suche trust, we vse great boldnes, 13 and do not as Moyses, whiche put a vayle ouer hys face that the children of Israell shoulde not se, for what purpose that serued whiche is put awaye. 14 But theyr myndes were blynded. For vntil thys daye remayneth the same couerynge vntaken awaye in the olde testament when they reade it, whiche in Christe is put awaye. 15 But euen vnto thys daye when Moyses is reade, the vayle hangeth before theyr hertes. 16 Neuerthelesse when they turne to the Lorde, the vayle shalbe taken awaye. 17 The Lorde no doubte is a spiryte. And where the spiryte of the Lorde is, there is libertye. 18 But we all beholde the glorye of the Lorde with hys face open, and chaunged vnto the same similitude, from glorye to glory, euen of the spirite of the Lorde.