2 Chronicles 33

Matthew(i) 1 Manasseh was .xij. yere olde when he was made kinge, & raigned .lv. yeare in Ierusalem. 2 And he dyd wickedlye in the syght of the Lord, lyke vnto the abhominacions of the heathen, whiche the Lorde caste out before the chyldren of Israell. 3 For he went to and buylt agayne the hylaulters, which Hezekiah his father had broken downe. And he rered vp aulters vnto Baals & made groues & bowed him selfe vnto all the host of heauen and serued them. 4 And he buylt aulters in the house of the Lorde: Of which the Lorde had sayde in Ierusalem shall my name be for euer. 5 And he made aulters vnto all the hoste of heauen in the two courtes of the house of the Lorde. 6 And he burnt his chyldren in fyre in the valey of the sonnes of Hennon. And he obserued dysmalle dayes & occupyed wytch crafte and sorsery, and mayntened workers with spirites & fears of fortunes: & wrought moche euell in the syght of the Lorde, to angre hym wyth all. 7 And he put the kerued Image of an Idole which he had made, in the house of God. Of which house God sayde to Dauid and to Salomon his sonne, in this house here in Ierusalem which I haue chosen out of all the tribes, I wyll put my name for euer, 8 and no moare brynge the seat of Israel from of the lande whiche I haue ordeyned for youre fathers. If so be they shalbe dyligent to do all I haue commaunded by Moses in all the lawe ordinaunces and maners. 9 But Manasseh made Iuda and the enhabiters of Ierusalem to erre and to do worse then the heathen whiche the Lorde destroyed before the chyldren of Israel. 10 And when the Lorde speake to Manasseh and to hys people, they attended not to hym. 11 Wherfore the Lorde brought vpon them the Capitaynes of the hoste of the Kynge of Assur, which toke Manasseh in an holde and bounde him with chaynes & caryed hym to Babylon. 12 And when he was in trybulacyon he besonght the Lorde his God, & humbled hym selfe exceadynglye before the God of hys fathers, 13 & made intercessyon to hym: and he was entreated of hym and hearde hys prayer and brought hym agayne to Ierusalem into hys kyngdom. And then Manasseh knewe how that the Lorde was the very God. 14 After that he buylt a wall without the cytye of Dauid on the west syde of Gihon in the broke & so forth to fysh gate & rounde aboute Ophel & brougt it vp of very a great heyght, & put capitaynes of warre in all the stronge cities of Iuda. 15 And he toke awaye straunge Gods & the Idole out of the house of God, & all the aulters that he had buylt in the mount of the house of God & in Ierusalem, & cast them out of the cytie. 16 And he made an aulter vnto the Lord & sacrefyced theron peace offerynges & thankofferynges, and charged Iuda to serue the Lorde God of Israel. 17 Neuerthelesse the people dyd offer styll in the hylaulters, how be it vnto the Lorde theyr God onlye. 18 The rest of the actes of Manasseh and his prayer vnto his God, & the wordes of the sears of vysions that spake to hym in the name of the Lorde God of Israel, are written amonge the deades of the kynges of Israel. 19 And his prayer & how that he was hearde, & all his synne & trespace, and the places where he made hylaulters and set vp groues & kerued Images before he was mekened, are written amonge the deades of the sears of visyons. 20 And when Manasseh was layd to rest with his fathers they buryed him in his owne house: & Amon his sonne raygned in his roume. 21 Amon was .xxij. yeare olde, when he baganne to raygne, and raygned two yere in Ierusalem. 22 And he dyd that displeased the Lord lyke vnto Manasseh his father, for Amon sacrificed to all the kerued Images, which Manasseh hys father made, and serued them, 23 & mekened not him selfe before the Lorde as Manasseh hys father had mekened him selfe: But Amon trespaced greatly. 24 Wherfore hys owne seruauntes conspired against him and slue him in his owne house. 25 And the people of the land slue all that he conspyred agaynst kynge Amon. And therto the people of the lande made Iosiah his sonne kyng in hys roume.