1 Timothy 1

Matthew(i) 1 Paule an Apostle of Iesus Christe, by the commaundemente of God our sauyour, and Lord Iesus christ whiche is oure hope. 2 Vnto Timothe hys naturall sonne in the fayth. Grace, mercye, and peace from God oure father and Lorde Iesus Christe oure Lorde. 3 And I besought the to abyde styl in Ephesus, when I departed into Macedonia, euen so do, that thou commaunde some, that they teache no nother wyse: 4 neyther geue hede to fables and genealogyes whiche are endelesse, & brede doubtes more then Godlye edifiynge whiche is by fayth: 5 for the ende of the commaundement is loue that commeth of a pure hert, & of a good conscience, and of fayth vnfayned: 6 from the which thinges some haue erred & haue turned vnto vayne iangelyng, 7 because they woulde be doctours in the scrypture, and yet vnderstand not what they speake, nether wherof they affyrme. 8 We knowe that the lawe is good, yf a man vse it lawfullye, 9 vnderstandynge thys, howe that the lawe is not geuen vnto a ryghtuous man but vnto the vnryghtuous and disobedient, to the vngodly and to synners, to vnholy and vncleane, to murtherers of fathers, and murtherers of mothers to manstears 10 & whor mongers: to them that defyle them selues wyth mankynde: to menstealers, to lyars & to periured, and so forth yf there be any other thynge that is contrarye to holsome doctrine 11 accordynge to the Gospell of the glorye of the blessed God, whiche Gospell is committed vnto me. 12 And I thanke Christe Iesus oure Lorde which hath made me stronge: for he counted me true, and put me in offyce, 13 when before I was a blasphemer and persecuter, and a tyraunte. But I obtayned mercye, because I dyd it ignorauntly thorowe vnbelefe. 14 Neuerthelater the grace of oure Lorde was more aboundaunt wyth fayth and loue whiche is in Christ Iesu. 15 Thys is a true saiynge and by all meanes worthy to be receyued, that Christ Iesus came into the worlde to saue synners, of whom I am chiefe. 16 Not wythstandyng for this cause was mercye geuen vnto me that Iesus christ shoulde fyrste shewe on me all longe pacience vnto the ensample of them whiche shal in tyme to come beleue on hym vnto eternall lyfe. 17 So then vnto God, kyng euerlastyng, immortall, inuysyble, and wyse onely, be honoure & prayse for euer and euer. Amen. 18 Thys commaundement committe I vnto the sonne Timotheus, accordyng to the Prophesyes whiche in tyme paste were Prophesyed of the that thou in them shouldest fyght a good fyghte 19 hauynge fayth and a good conscience whiche some haue put awaye from them and as concernyuge faythe, haue made shypwracke. 20 Of whose numbre is Himeneus and Alexander whome I haue delyuered vnto Sathan that he myghte be taught not to blaspheme.