1 Chronicles 22

Matthew(i) 1 And Dauid sayd: this is the house of the lord God, & thys is the burntofferynge aulter for Israel. 2 And Dauid commaunded to gather the straungers that were in the land of Israel, & set the hewers to hew stone, to buylde the house of God. 3 And Dauid prepared plentye of yron for nayles to the dores, of the gates, and to ioyne with all, & aboundance of brasse without waighte, 4 & of Cedar trees withoute nombre, For the Zidons and they of Tire brought much Cedar wood to Dauid. 5 For Dauid thus thought: Salomon my sonne is younge and tender, and the house that is to be buylt for the Lorde, must exceade in greatnesse, that it maye be spoken of and praysed in all landes. I wyll therfore make ordynaunce for it. And so Dauid prepared aboundance before hys death. 6 And he called Salomon hys sonne and charged hym to buylde an house for the lord God of Israel. 7 And Dauid sayd to Salomon: my sonne: I had in myne hert to buylde an house vnto the name of the Lorde my God. 8 But the worde of the Lorde came to me sayinge: thou hast shed muche bloude, and hast made many battelles. Thou shalt not buylt an house for my name, for thou hast shed muche bloude to the earthe in my syght. 9 Behold, a sonne shalbe borne the, whych shalbe a man of reste, for I will geue him reste from al his enemies round aboute. And his name shalbe Salomon: for I wyl sende rest and peace vpon Israel in his dayes. 10 He shall buylde an house for my name & he shalbe my sonne, and I wil be his father, and wyl stablyshe the seate of his kingedom vpon Israel for euer. 11 Now my sonne, the lord be with the, that thou mayst prospere & buyld the house of the Lorde thy God, as he hathe sayde of the. 12 And the Lord geue thy wysdom & vnderstandynge, & make the gouerner of Israel, & to kepe the law of the lord thy God. 13 For then thou shalt prospere. Yf thou shalte be dylygent to do the ordynaunces and lawes whiche the Lorde charged Moses with, to delyuer to Israell. Plucke vp thyne hert and be strong, dread not nor be discouraged. 14 Behold in myne aduersite I haue prepared for the house of the Lorde an hundred thousand talentes of goulde, and a thousande talentes of syluer and as for brasse, and yron can not be numbred, it is so muche. And I haue prepared timbre and stone, and thou shalt prouyde more therto. 15 Moreouer thou hast worckmen ynowe & masons and carpenters to worke in stone & timbre, and all maner of wyse men, for whatsoeuer worke it be. 16 And of gould, siluer, brasse and yron there is no nombre. Vp therfore & set vpon it, and the Lorde shalbe wyth the. 17 And Dauid commaunded all the Lordes of Israel, to helpe Salomon his sonne saying: 18 Is not the Lorde youre God with you? and hath he not geuen you rest on euery syde? for he hath geuen the enhabitoures of the lande into myne hande, and the lande is subdued before the Lorde and before hys people. 19 Nowe therfore set your hertes and youre soules, to seke the Lord youre God. And vp & buylde ye the temple of the Lorde God, to brynge the Arcke of the couenaunt of the Lorde, and the holy vesselles of God into the house so buylt for the name of the Lorde.