Numbers 1:44

    44 G3778 D-NSF αυτη G3588 T-NSF η   N-NSF επισκεψις G3739 R-ASF ην   V-AMI-3P επεσκεψαντο   N-NSM μωυσης G2532 CONJ και G2 N-PRI ααρων G2532 CONJ και G3588 T-NPM οι G758 N-NPM αρχοντες G2474 N-PRI ισραηλ G1427 N-NUI δωδεκα G435 N-NPM ανδρες G435 N-NSM ανηρ G1519 A-NSM εις G2596 PREP κατα G5443 N-ASF φυλην G1519 A-ASF μιαν G2596 PREP κατα G5443 N-ASF φυλην G3624 N-GPM οικων G3965 N-GSF πατριας G1510 V-IAI-3P ησαν
Brenton(i) 44 This is the numbering which Moses and Aaron and the rulers of Israel, being twelve men, conducted: there was a man for each tribe, they were according to the tribe of the houses of their family.