Leviticus 6:15

    15 G2532 CONJ [6:8] και   V-FAI-3S αφελει G575 PREP απ G846 D-GSN αυτου G3588 T-DSF τη   N-DSF δρακι G575 PREP απο G3588 T-GSF της G4585 N-GSF σεμιδαλεως G3588 T-GSF της G2378 N-GSF θυσιας G4862 PREP συν G3588 T-DSN τω G1637 N-DSN ελαιω G846 D-GSF αυτης G2532 CONJ και G4862 PREP συν G3588 T-DSM τω G3030 N-DSM λιβανω G846 D-GSF αυτης G3588 T-APN τα G1510 V-PAPAP οντα G1909 PREP επι G3588 T-GSF της G2378 N-GSF θυσιας G2532 CONJ και G399 V-FAI-3S ανοισει G1909 PREP επι G3588 T-ASN το G2379 N-ASN θυσιαστηριον   N-ASN καρπωμα G3744 N-NSF οσμη G2136 N-GSF ευωδιας G3588 T-NSN το G3422 N-NSN μνημοσυνον G846 D-GSF αυτης G3588 T-DSM τω G2962 N-DSM κυριω
Brenton(i) 15 And he shall take from it a handful of the fine flour of the sacrifice with its oil, and with all its frankincense, which are upon the sacrifice; and he shall offer up on the altar a burnt-offering as a sweet-smelling savour, a memorial of it to the Lord.