1 Chronicles 27:16-22

LITV(i) 16 And over the tribes of Israel, the ruler of the Reubenites was Eliezer the son of Zichri. Shephatiah the son of Maachah was over the Simeonites. 17 Hashabiah the son of Kemuel was over the Levites; Zadok over the Aaronites. 18 Elihu, of the brothers of David, was over Judah. Omri the son of Michael was over Issachar. 19 Ishmaiah the son of Obadiah was over Zebulun. Jerimoth the son of Azriel was over Naphtali. 20 Hoshea the son of Azaziah was over the sons of Ephraim. Joel the son of Pedaiah was over the half tribe of Manasseh. 21 Iddo the son of Zechariah was over the half tribe of Manasseh in Gilead. Jaasiel the son of Abner was over Benjamin. 22 Azareel the son of Jeroham was over Dan. These were the leaders of the tribes of Israel.