Leviticus 17:3-6

LEB(i) 3 "Any man* from the house of Israel who slaughters an ox or a sheep or a goat in the camp or who slaughters it outside the camp* 4 and he does not bring it to the tent of assembly's entrance to present an offering to Yahweh before* Yahweh's tabernacle, then* that man shall be accounted bloodguilty—he has poured out blood, and that man shall be cut off from the midst of his people. 5 This is so that the Israelites* may bring their sacrifices that they are sacrificing in the open field* and bring* them for Yahweh to the tent of assembly's entrance to the priest, and they shall sacrifice fellowship offerings for Yahweh with them. 6 And the priest shall sprinkle the blood on Yahweh's altar at the tent of assembly's entrance, and he shall burn* the fat as an appeasing fragrance for Yahweh.