Psalms 98:1-3

  1 H4210 A Psalm H7891 . O sing [H8798]   H3068 unto the LORD H2319 a new H7892 song H6213 ; for he hath done [H8804]   H6381 marvellous things [H8737]   H3225 : his right hand H6944 , and his holy H2220 arm H3467 , hath gotten him the victory [H8689]  .
  2 H3068 The LORD H3045 hath made known [H8689]   H3444 his salvation H6666 : his righteousness H1540 hath he openly shewed [H8765]   H5869 in the sight H1471 of the heathen.
  3 H2142 He hath remembered [H8804]   H2617 his mercy H530 and his truth H1004 toward the house H3478 of Israel H657 : all the ends H776 of the earth H7200 have seen [H8804]   H3444 the salvation H430 of our God.