Psalms 44

  1 H5329 To the chief Musician [H8764]   H1121 for the sons H7141 of Korah H4905 , Maschil [H8688]   H8085 . We have heard [H8804]   H241 with our ears H430 , O God H1 , our fathers H5608 have told [H8765]   H6467 us, what work H6466 thou didst [H8804]   H3117 in their days H3117 , in the times H6924 of old.
  2 H3423 How thou didst drive out [H8689]   H1471 the heathen H3027 with thy hand H5193 , and plantedst [H8799]   H7489 them; how thou didst afflict [H8686]   H3816 the people H7971 , and cast them out [H8762]  .
  3 H3423 For they got H776 not the land H3423 in possession [H8804]   H2719 by their own sword H2220 , neither did their own arm H3467 save [H8689]   H3225 them: but thy right hand H2220 , and thine arm H216 , and the light H6440 of thy countenance H7521 , because thou hadst a favour [H8804]   unto them.
  4 H4428 Thou art my King H430 , O God H6680 : command [H8761]   H3444 deliverances H3290 for Jacob.
  5 H5055 Through thee will we push down [H8762]   H6862 our enemies H8034 : through thy name H947 will we tread them under [H8799]   H6965 that rise up [H8801]   against us.
  6 H982 For I will not trust [H8799]   H7198 in my bow H2719 , neither shall my sword H3467 save [H8686]   me.
  7 H3467 But thou hast saved [H8689]   H6862 us from our enemies H954 , and hast put them to shame [H8689]   H8130 that hated [H8764]   us.
  8 H430 In God H1984 we boast [H8765]   H3117 all the day H3034 long, and praise [H8686]   H8034 thy name H5769 for ever H5542 . Selah.
  9 H637 But H2186 thou hast cast off [H8804]   H3637 , and put us to shame [H8686]   H3318 ; and goest not forth [H8799]   H6635 with our armies.
  10 H7725 Thou makest us to turn [H8686]   H268 back H6862 from the enemy H8130 : and they which hate [H8764]   H8154 us spoil [H8804]   for themselves.
  11 H5414 Thou hast given [H8799]   H6629 us like sheep H3978 appointed for meat H2219 ; and hast scattered [H8765]   H1471 us among the heathen.
  12 H4376 Thou sellest [H8799]   H5971 thy people H1952 for nought H7235 , and dost not increase [H8765]   H4242 thy wealth by their price.
  13 H7760 Thou makest [H8799]   H2781 us a reproach H7934 to our neighbours H3933 , a scorn H7047 and a derision H5439 to them that are round about us.
  14 H7760 Thou makest [H8799]   H4912 us a byword H1471 among the heathen H4493 , a shaking H7218 of the head H3816 among the people.
  15 H3639 My confusion H3117 is continually H1322 before me, and the shame H6440 of my face H3680 hath covered [H8765]   me,
  16 H6963 For the voice H2778 of him that reproacheth [H8764]   H1442 and blasphemeth [H8764]   H6440 ; by reason H341 of the enemy [H8802]   H5358 and avenger [H8693]  .
  17 H935 All this is come [H8804]   H7911 upon us; yet have we not forgotten [H8804]   H8266 thee, neither have we dealt falsely [H8765]   H1285 in thy covenant.
  18 H3820 Our heart H5472 is not turned [H8738]   H268 back H838 , neither have our steps H5186 declined [H8799]   H734 from thy way;
  19 H1794 Though thou hast sore broken [H8765]   H4725 us in the place H8577 of dragons H3680 , and covered [H8762]   H6757 us with the shadow of death.
  20 H7911 If we have forgotten [H8804]   H8034 the name H430 of our God H6566 , or stretched out [H8799]   H3709 our hands H2114 to a strange [H8801]   H410 god;
  21 H430 Shall not God H2713 search this out [H8799]   H3045 ? for he knoweth [H8802]   H8587 the secrets H3820 of the heart.
  22 H2026 Yea, for thy sake are we killed [H8795]   H3117 all the day H2803 long; we are counted [H8738]   H6629 as sheep H2878 for the slaughter.
  23 H5782 Awake [H8798]   H3462 , why sleepest [H8799]   H136 thou, O Lord H6974 ? arise [H8685]   H2186 , cast us not off [H8799]   H5331 for ever.
  24 H5641 Wherefore hidest [H8686]   H6440 thou thy face H7911 , and forgettest [H8799]   H6040 our affliction H3906 and our oppression?
  25 H5315 For our soul H7743 is bowed down [H8804]   H6083 to the dust H990 : our belly H1692 cleaveth [H8804]   H776 unto the earth.
  26 H6965 Arise [H8798]   H5833 for our help H6299 , and redeem [H8798]   H2617 us for thy mercies' sake.