Psalms 38:12-14

  12 H1245 They also that seek [H8764]   H5315 after my life H5367 lay snares [H8762]   H1875 for me : and they that seek [H8802]   H7451 my hurt H1696 speak [H8765]   H1942 mischievous things H1897 , and imagine [H8799]   H4820 deceits H3117 all the day long.
  13 H2795 But I, as a deaf H8085 man, heard [H8799]   H483 not; and I was as a dumb man H6605 that openeth [H8799]   H6310 not his mouth.
  14 H376 Thus I was as a man H8085 that heareth [H8802]   H6310 not, and in whose mouth H8433 are no reproofs.