Psalms 139:1-4

  1 H5329 To the chief Musician [H8764]   H4210 , A Psalm H1732 of David H3068 . O LORD H2713 , thou hast searched [H8804]   H3045 me, and known [H8799]   me .
  2 H3045 Thou knowest [H8804]   H3427 my downsitting [H8800]   H6965 and mine uprising [H8800]   H995 , thou understandest [H8804]   H7454 my thought H7350 afar off.
  3 H2219 Thou compassest [H8765]   H734 my path H7252 and my lying down H5532 , and art acquainted [H8689]   H1870 with all my ways.
  4 H4405 For there is not a word H3956 in my tongue H3068 , but, lo, O LORD H3045 , thou knowest [H8804]   it altogether.