Psalms 118:4-7

  4 H3373 Let them now that fear H3068 the LORD H559 say [H8799]   H2617 , that his mercy H5769 endureth for ever.
  5 H7121 I called [H8804]   H3050 upon the LORD H4712 in distress H3050 : the LORD H6030 answered [H8804]   H4800 me, and set me in a large place.
  6 H3068 The LORD H3372 is on my side; I will not fear [H8799]   H6213 : what can H120 man H6213 do [H8799]   unto me?
  7 H3068 The LORD H5826 taketh my part with them that help [H8802]   H7200 me: therefore shall I see [H8799]   H8130 my desire upon them that hate [H8802]   me.