Numbers 26:19-22

  19 H1121 The sons H3063 of Judah H6147 were Er H209 and Onan H6147 : and Er H209 and Onan H4191 died [H8799]   H776 in the land H3667 of Canaan.
  20 H1121 And the sons H3063 of Judah H4940 after their families H7956 were; of Shelah H4940 , the family H8024 of the Shelanites H6557 : of Pharez H4940 , the family H6558 of the Pharzites H2226 : of Zerah H4940 , the family H2227 of the Zarhites.
  21 H1121 And the sons H6557 of Pharez H2696 were; of Hezron H4940 , the family H2697 of the Hezronites H2538 : of Hamul H4940 , the family H2539 of the Hamulites.
  22 H4940 These are the families H3063 of Judah H6485 according to those that were numbered [H8803]   H7657 of them, threescore and sixteen H8337   H505 thousand H2568 and five H3967 hundred.