Nahum 2

  1 H6327 He that dasheth in pieces [H8688]   H5927 is come up [H8804]   H6440 before thy face H5341 : keep [H8800]   H4694 the munition H6822 , watch [H8761]   H1870 the way H4975 , make thy loins H2388 strong [H8761]   H553 , fortify [H8761]   H3581 thy power H3966 mightily.
  2 H3068 For the LORD H7725 hath turned away [H8804]   H1347 the excellency H3290 of Jacob H1347 , as the excellency H3478 of Israel H1238 : for the emptiers [H8802]   H1238 have emptied them out [H8804]   H7843 , and marred [H8765]   H2156 their vine branches.
  3 H4043 The shield H1368 of his mighty men H119 is made red [H8794]   H2428 , the valiant H582 men H8529 are in scarlet [H8794]   H7393 : the chariots H784 shall be with flaming H6393 torches H3117 in the day H3559 of his preparation [H8687]   H1265 , and the fir trees H7477 shall be terribly shaken [H8717]  .
  4 H7393 The chariots H1984 shall rage [H8704]   H2351 in the streets H8264 , they shall justle one against another [H8698]   H7339 in the broad ways H4758 : they shall seem H3940 like torches H7323 , they shall run [H8787]   H1300 like the lightnings.
  5 H2142 He shall recount [H8799]   H117 his worthies H3782 : they shall stumble [H8735]   H1979 in their walk H4116 ; they shall make haste [H8762]   H2346 to the wall H5526 thereof, and the defence [H8802]   H3559 shall be prepared [H8717]  .
  6 H8179 The gates H5104 of the rivers H6605 shall be opened [H8738]   H1964 , and the palace H4127 shall be dissolved [H8738]  .
  7 H5324 And Huzzab [H8717]   H1540 shall be led away captive [H8795]   H5927 , she shall be brought up [H8717]   H519 , and her maids H5090 shall lead [H8764]   H6963 her as with the voice H3123 of doves H8608 , tabering [H8781]   H3824 upon their breasts.
  8 H5210 But Nineveh H3117 is of old H1295 like a pool H4325 of water H5127 : yet they shall flee away [H8801]   H5975 . Stand [H8798]   H5975 , stand [H8798]   H6437 , shall they cry; but none shall look back [H8688]  .
  9 H962 Take ye the spoil [H8798]   H3701 of silver H962 , take the spoil [H8798]   H2091 of gold H7097 : for there is none end H8498 of the store H3519 and glory H2532 out of all the pleasant H3627 furniture.
  10 H950 She is empty H4003 , and void H1110 , and waste [H8794]   H3820 : and the heart H4549 melteth [H8738]   H1290 , and the knees H6375 smite together H2479 , and much pain H4975 is in all loins H6440 , and the faces H6908 of them all gather [H8765]   H6289 blackness.
  11 H4583 Where is the dwelling H738 of the lions H4829 , and the feedingplace H3715 of the young lions H738 , where the lion H3833 , even the old lion H1980 , walked [H8804]   H738 , and the lion's H1482 whelp H2729 , and none made them afraid [H8688]  ?
  12 H738 The lion H2963 did tear in pieces [H8802]   H1767 enough H1484 for his whelps H2614 , and strangled [H8764]   H3833 for his lionesses H4390 , and filled [H8762]   H2356 his holes H2964 with prey H4585 , and his dens H2966 with ravin.
  13 H5002 Behold, I am against thee, saith [H8803]   H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H1197 , and I will burn [H8689]   H7393 her chariots H6227 in the smoke H2719 , and the sword H398 shall devour [H8799]   H3715 thy young lions H3772 : and I will cut off [H8689]   H2964 thy prey H776 from the earth H6963 , and the voice H4397 of thy messengers H8085 shall no more be heard [H8735]  .