Matthew 5:3-12

  3 G3107 Blessed G4434 are the poor G4151 in spirit G3754 : for G846 theirs G2076 is [G5748]   G932 the kingdom G3772 of heaven.
  4 G3107 Blessed G3996 are they that mourn [G5723]   G3754 : for G846 they G3870 shall be comforted [G5701]  .
  5 G3107 Blessed G4239 are the meek G3754 : for G846 they G2816 shall inherit [G5692]   G1093 the earth.
  6 G3107 Blessed G3588 are they which G3983 do hunger [G5723]   G2532 and G1372 thirst [G5723]   G1343 after righteousness G3754 : for G846 they G5526 shall be filled [G5701]  .
  7 G3107 Blessed G1655 are the merciful G3754 : for G846 they G1653 shall obtain mercy [G5701]  .
  8 G3107 Blessed G2513 are the pure G2588 in heart G3754 : for G846 they G3700 shall see [G5695]   G2316 God.
  9 G3107 Blessed G1518 are the peacemakers G3754 : for G846 they G2564 shall be called [G5701]   G5207 the children G2316 of God.
  10 G3107 Blessed G1377 are they which are persecuted [G5772]   G1752 for G1343 righteousness' sake G3754 : for G846 theirs G2076 is [G5748]   G932 the kingdom G3772 of heaven.
  11 G3107 Blessed G2075 are ye [G5748]   G3752 , when G3679 men shall revile [G5661]   G5209 you G2532 , and G1377 persecute [G5661]   G2532 you, and G2036 shall say [G5632]   G3956 all manner G4190 of evil G4487   G2596 against G5216 you G5574 falsely [G5730]   G1752 , for my sake G1700  .
  12 G5463 Rejoice [G5720]   G2532 , and G21 be exceeding glad [G5737]   G3754 : for G4183 great G5216 is your G3408 reward G1722 in G3772 heaven G1063 : for G3779 so G1377 persecuted they [G5656]   G4396 the prophets G3588 which G4253 were before G5216 you.