Joshua 24:11-13

  11 H5674 And ye went over [H8799]   H3383 Jordan H935 , and came [H8799]   H3405 unto Jericho H1167 : and the men H3405 of Jericho H3898 fought [H8735]   H567 against you, the Amorites H6522 , and the Perizzites H3669 , and the Canaanites H2850 , and the Hittites H1622 , and the Girgashites H2340 , the Hivites H2983 , and the Jebusites H5414 ; and I delivered [H8799]   H3027 them into your hand.
  12 H7971 And I sent [H8799]   H6880 the hornet H6440 before H1644 you, which drave them out [H8762]   H6440 from before H8147 you, even the two H4428 kings H567 of the Amorites H2719 ; but not with thy sword H7198 , nor with thy bow.
  13 H5414 And I have given [H8799]   H776 you a land H3021 for which ye did not labour [H8804]   H5892 , and cities H1129 which ye built [H8804]   H3427 not, and ye dwell [H8799]   H3754 in them; of the vineyards H2132 and oliveyards H5193 which ye planted [H8804]   H398 not do ye eat [H8802]  .