Job 40:1-5

  1 H3068 Moreover the LORD H6030 answered [H8799]   H347 Job H559 , and said [H8799]  ,
  2 H7378 Shall he that contendeth [H8800]   H7706 with the Almighty H3250 instruct H3198 him ? he that reproveth [H8688]   H433 God H6030 , let him answer [H8799]   it.
  3 H347 Then Job H6030 answered [H8799]   H3068 the LORD H559 , and said [H8799]  ,
  4 H7043 Behold, I am vile [H8804]   H7725 ; what shall I answer [H8686]   H7760 thee? I will lay [H8804]   H3027 mine hand H3926 upon H6310 my mouth.
  5 H259 Once H1696 have I spoken [H8765]   H6030 ; but I will not answer [H8799]   H8147 : yea, twice H3254 ; but I will proceed no further [H8686]  .