Job 31:35-37

  35 H5414 Oh that [H8799]   H8085 one would hear [H8802]   H8420 me! behold, my desire H7706 is, that the Almighty H6030 would answer [H8799]   H376 me, and that mine adversary H7379   H3789 had written [H8804]   H5612 a book.
  36 H5375 Surely I would take [H8799]   H7926 it upon my shoulder H6029 , and bind [H8799]   H5850 it as a crown to me.
  37 H5046 I would declare [H8686]   H4557 unto him the number H6806 of my steps H5057 ; as a prince H7126 would I go near [H8762]   unto him.