Job 31:16-21

  16 H4513 If I have withheld [H8799]   H1800 the poor H2656 from their desire H5869 , or have caused the eyes H490 of the widow H3615 to fail [H8762]  ;
  17 H398 Or have eaten [H8799]   H6595 my morsel H3490 myself alone, and the fatherless H398 hath not eaten [H8804]   thereof;
  18 H5271 (For from my youth H1431 he was brought up [H8804]   H1 with me, as with a father H5148 , and I have guided [H8686]   H517 her from my mother's H990 womb;)
  19 H7200 If I have seen [H8799]   H6 any perish [H8802]   H3830 for want of clothing H34 , or any poor H3682 without covering;
  20 H2504 If his loins H1288 have not blessed [H8765]   H2552 me, and if he were not warmed [H8691]   H1488 with the fleece H3532 of my sheep;
  21 H5130 If I have lifted up [H8689]   H3027 my hand H3490 against the fatherless H7200 , when I saw [H8799]   H5833 my help H8179 in the gate: