Jeremiah 10:11-13

  11 H1836 Thus H560 shall ye say [H8748]   H426 unto them, The gods H3809 that have not H5648 made [H8754]   H8065 the heavens H778 and the earth H7 , even they shall perish [H8748]   H772 from the earth H8460 , and from under H429 these H8065 heavens.
  12 H6213 He hath made [H8802]   H776 the earth H3581 by his power H3559 , he hath established [H8688]   H8398 the world H2451 by his wisdom H5186 , and hath stretched out [H8804]   H8064 the heavens H8394 by his discretion.
  13 H5414 When he uttereth [H8800]   H6963 his voice H1995 , there is a multitude H4325 of waters H8064 in the heavens H5387 , and he causeth the vapours H5927 to ascend [H8686]   H7097 from the ends H776 of the earth H6213 ; he maketh [H8804]   H1300 lightnings H4306 with rain H3318 , and bringeth forth [H8686]   H7307 the wind H214 out of his treasures.