Isaiah 51:6-8

  6 H5375 Lift up [H8798]   H5869 your eyes H8064 to the heavens H5027 , and look [H8685]   H776 upon the earth H8064 beneath: for the heavens H4414 shall vanish away [H8738]   H6227 like smoke H776 , and the earth H1086 shall wax old [H8799]   H899 like a garment H3427 , and they that dwell [H8802]   H4191 therein shall die [H8799]   H3644 in like H3654 manner H3444 : but my salvation H5769 shall be for ever H6666 , and my righteousness H2865 shall not be abolished [H8735]  .
  7 H8085 Hearken [H8798]   H3045 unto me, ye that know [H8802]   H6664 righteousness H5971 , the people H3820 in whose heart H8451 is my law H3372 ; fear [H8799]   H2781 ye not the reproach H582 of men H2865 , neither be ye afraid [H8735]   H1421 of their revilings.
  8 H6211 For the moth H398 shall eat them up [H8799]   H899 like a garment H5580 , and the worm H398 shall eat [H8799]   H6785 them like wool H6666 : but my righteousness H5769 shall be for ever H3444 , and my salvation H1755 from generation H1755 to generation.