Isaiah 14:13-15

  13 H559 For thou hast said [H8804]   H3824 in thine heart H5927 , I will ascend [H8799]   H8064 into heaven H7311 , I will exalt [H8686]   H3678 my throne H4605 above H3556 the stars H410 of God H3427 : I will sit [H8799]   H2022 also upon the mount H4150 of the congregation H3411 , in the sides H6828 of the north:
  14 H5927 I will ascend [H8799]   H1116 above the heights H5645 of the clouds H1819 ; I will be like [H8691]   H5945 the most High.
  15 H3381 Yet thou shalt be brought down [H8714]   H7585 to hell H3411 , to the sides H953 of the pit.