Genesis 49:8-10

  8 H3063 Judah H251 , thou art he whom thy brethren H3034 shall praise [H8686]   H3027 : thy hand H6203 shall be in the neck H341 of thine enemies [H8802]   H1 ; thy father's H1121 children H7812 shall bow down [H8691]   before thee.
  9 H3063 Judah H738 is a lion's H1482 whelp H2964 : from the prey H1121 , my son H5927 , thou art gone up [H8804]   H3766 : he stooped down [H8804]   H7257 , he couched [H8804]   H738 as a lion H3833 , and as an old lion H6965 ; who shall rouse him up [H8686]  ?
  10 H7626 The sceptre H5493 shall not depart [H8799]   H3063 from Judah H2710 , nor a lawgiver [H8781]   H7272 from between his feet H3588 , until H7886 Shiloh H935 come [H8799]   H3349 ; and unto him shall the gathering H5971 of the people be .