Exodus 23:14-17

  14 H7969 Three H7272 times H2287 thou shalt keep a feast [H8799]   H8141 unto me in the year.
  15 H8104 Thou shalt keep [H8799]   H2282 the feast H4682 of unleavened bread H398 : (thou shalt eat [H8799]   H4682 unleavened bread H7651 seven H3117 days H6680 , as I commanded [H8765]   H4150 thee, in the time appointed H2320 of the month H24 Abib H3318 ; for in it thou camest out [H8804]   H4714 from Egypt H7200 : and none shall appear [H8735]   H6440 before H7387 me empty:)
  16 H2282 And the feast H7105 of harvest H1061 , the firstfruits H4639 of thy labours H2232 , which thou hast sown [H8799]   H7704 in the field H2282 : and the feast H614 of ingathering H3318 , which is in the end [H8800]   H8141 of the year H622 , when thou hast gathered [H8800]   H4639 in thy labours H7704 out of the field.
  17 H7969 Three H6471 times H8141 in the year H2138 all thy males H7200 shall appear [H8735]   H6440 before H113 the Lord H3068 GOD.