Esther 2:15

  15 H8447 Now when the turn H635 of Esther H1323 , the daughter H32 of Abihail H1730 the uncle H4782 of Mordecai H3947 , who had taken [H8804]   H1323 her for his daughter H5060 , was come [H8687]   H935 to go in [H8800]   H4428 unto the king H1245 , she required [H8765]   H1697 nothing H1896 but what Hegai H4428 the king's H5631 chamberlain H8104 , the keeper [H8802]   H802 of the women H559 , appointed [H8799]   H635 . And Esther H5375 obtained [H8802]   H2580 favour H5869 in the sight H7200 of all them that looked [H8802]   upon her.