Deuteronomy 32:37-39

  37 H559 And he shall say [H8804]   H430 , Where are their gods H6697 , their rock H2620 in whom they trusted [H8804]  ,
  38 H398 Which did eat [H8799]   H2459 the fat H2077 of their sacrifices H8354 , and drank [H8799]   H3196 the wine H5257 of their drink offerings H6965 ? let them rise up [H8799]   H5826 and help [H8799]   H5643 you, and be your protection.
  39 H7200 See [H8798]   H430 now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god H4191 with me: I kill [H8686]   H2421 , and I make alive [H8762]   H4272 ; I wound [H8804]   H7495 , and I heal [H8799]   H5337 : neither is there any that can deliver [H8688]   H3027 out of my hand.