Daniel 2:28-30

  28 H1297 But H383 there is H426 a God H8065 in heaven H1541 that revealeth [H8751]   H7328 secrets H3046 , and maketh known [H8684]   H4430 to the king H5020 Nebuchadnezzar H4101 what H1934 shall be [H8748]   H320 in the latter H3118 days H2493 . Thy dream H2376 , and the visions H7217 of thy head H5922 upon H4903 thy bed H1836 , are these;
  29 H607 As for thee H4430 , O king H7476 , thy thoughts H5559 came [H8760]   H5922 into thy mind upon H4903 thy bed H4101 , what H1934 should come to pass [H8748]   H311 hereafter H1836   H1541 : and he that revealeth [H8751]   H7328 secrets H3046 maketh known [H8684]   H4101 to thee what H1934 shall come to pass [H8748]  .
  30 H576 But as for me H1836 , this H7328 secret H3809 is not H1541 revealed [H8752]   H2452 to me for any wisdom H383 that I have H4481 more than H3606 any H2417 living H3861 , but H1701 for their sakes H5922 that H3046 shall make known [H8681]   H6591 the interpretation H4430 to the king H3046 , and that thou mightest know [H8748]   H7476 the thoughts H3825 of thy heart.