Acts 9:17

  17 G1161 And G367 Ananias G565 went his way [G5627]   G2532 , and G1525 entered [G5627]   G1519 into G3614 the house G2532 ; and G2007 putting [G5631]   G5495 his hands G1909 on G846 him G2036 said [G5627]   G80 , Brother G4549 Saul G2962 , the Lord G2424 , even Jesus G3700 , that appeared [G5685]   G4671 unto thee G1722 in G3598 the way G3739 as G2064 thou camest [G5711]   G649 , hath sent [G5758]   G3165 me G3704 , that G308 thou mightest receive thy sight [G5661]   G2532 , and G4130 be filled with [G5686]   G40 the Holy G4151 Ghost.