Acts 17:24-28

  24 G2316 God G4160 that made [G5660]   G2889 the world G2532 and G3956 all things G1722 therein G846   G3778 , seeing that he G5225 is [G5723]   G2962 Lord G3772 of heaven G2532 and G1093 earth G2730 , dwelleth [G5719]   G3756 not G1722 in G3485 temples G5499 made with hands;
  25 G3761 Neither G2323 is worshipped [G5743]   G5259 with G444 men's G5495 hands G4326 , as though he needed [G5740]   G5100 any thing G846 , seeing he G1325 giveth [G5723]   G3956 to all G2222 life G2532 , and G4157 breath G2596 , and G3956 all things;
  26 G5037 And G4160 hath made [G5656]   G1537 of G1520 one G129 blood G3956 all G1484 nations G444 of men G2730 for to dwell [G5721]   G1909 on G3956 all G4383 the face G1093 of the earth G3724 , and hath determined [G5660]   G2540 the times G4384 before appointed [G5772]   G2532 , and G3734 the bounds G846 of their G2733 habitation;
  27 G2212 That they should seek [G5721]   G2962 the Lord G1487 , if G686 haply G5584 they might feel [G5659]   G846 after him G2532 , and G2147 find him [G5630]   G2544 , though G5225 he be [G5723]   G3756 not G3112 far G575 from G1538 every G1520 one G2257 of us:
  28 G1063 For G1722 in G846 him G2198 we live [G5719]   G2532 , and G2795 move [G5743]   G2532 , and G2070 have our being [G5748]   G5613 ; as G5100 certain G2532 also G5209 of your G2596 own G4163 poets G2046 have said [G5758]   G1063 , For G2070 we are [G5748]   G2532 also G5120 his G1085 offspring.