2 Chronicles 26:18

  18 H5975 And they withstood [H8799]   H5818 Uzziah H4428 the king H559 , and said [H8799]   H5818 unto him, It appertaineth not unto thee, Uzziah H6999 , to burn incense [H8687]   H3068 unto the LORD H3548 , but to the priests H1121 the sons H175 of Aaron H6942 , that are consecrated [H8794]   H6999 to burn incense [H8687]   H3318 : go out [H8798]   H4720 of the sanctuary H4603 ; for thou hast trespassed [H8804]   H3519 ; neither shall it be for thine honour H3068 from the LORD H430 God.