1 Samuel 16

  1 H3068 And the LORD H559 said [H8799]   H8050 unto Samuel H56 , How long wilt thou mourn [H8693]   H7586 for Saul H3988 , seeing I have rejected [H8804]   H4427 him from reigning [H8800]   H3478 over Israel H4390 ? fill [H8761]   H7161 thine horn H8081 with oil H3212 , and go [H8798]   H7971 , I will send [H8799]   H3448 thee to Jesse H1022 the Bethlehemite H7200 : for I have provided [H8804]   H4428 me a king H1121 among his sons.
  2 H8050 And Samuel H559 said [H8799]   H3212 , How can I go [H8799]   H7586 ? if Saul H8085 hear [H8804]   H2026 it, he will kill [H8804]   H3068 me. And the LORD H559 said [H8799]   H3947 , Take [H8799]   H1241 an heifer H5697   H3027 with thee H559 , and say [H8804]   H935 , I am come [H8804]   H2076 to sacrifice [H8800]   H3068 to the LORD.
  3 H7121 And call [H8804]   H3448 Jesse H2077 to the sacrifice H3045 , and I will shew [H8686]   H6213 thee what thou shalt do [H8799]   H4886 : and thou shalt anoint [H8804]   H559 unto me him whom I name [H8799]   unto thee.
  4 H8050 And Samuel H6213 did [H8799]   H3068 that which the LORD H1696 spake [H8765]   H935 , and came [H8799]   H1035 to Bethlehem H2205 . And the elders H5892 of the town H2729 trembled [H8799]   H7125 at his coming [H8800]   H559 , and said [H8799]   H935 , Comest [H8800]   H7965 thou peaceably?
  5 H559 And he said [H8799]   H7965 , Peaceably H935 : I am come [H8804]   H2076 to sacrifice [H8800]   H3068 unto the LORD H6942 : sanctify [H8690]   H935 yourselves, and come [H8804]   H2077 with me to the sacrifice H6942 . And he sanctified [H8762]   H3448 Jesse H1121 and his sons H7121 , and called [H8799]   H2077 them to the sacrifice.
  6 H935 And it came to pass, when they were come [H8800]   H7200 , that he looked [H8799]   H446 on Eliab H559 , and said [H8799]   H3068 , Surely the LORD'S H4899 anointed is before him.
  7 H3068 But the LORD H559 said [H8799]   H8050 unto Samuel H5027 , Look [H8686]   H4758 not on his countenance H1364 , or on the height H6967 of his stature H3988 ; because I have refused [H8804]   H120 him: for the LORD seeth not as man H7200 seeth [H8799]   H120 ; for man H7200 looketh [H8799]   H5869 on the outward appearance H3068 , but the LORD H7200 looketh [H8799]   H3824 on the heart.
  8 H3448 Then Jesse H7121 called [H8799]   H41 Abinadab H5674 , and made him pass [H8686]   H6440 before H8050 Samuel H559 . And he said [H8799]   H3068 , Neither hath the LORD H977 chosen [H8804]   this.
  9 H3448 Then Jesse H8048 made Shammah H5674 to pass by [H8686]   H559 . And he said [H8799]   H3068 , Neither hath the LORD H977 chosen [H8804]   this.
  10 H3448 Again, Jesse H7651 made seven H1121 of his sons H5674 to pass [H8686]   H6440 before H8050 Samuel H8050 . And Samuel H559 said [H8799]   H3448 unto Jesse H3068 , The LORD H977 hath not chosen [H8804]   these.
  11 H8050 And Samuel H559 said [H8799]   H3448 unto Jesse H8552 , Are here all [H8804]   H5288 thy children H559 ? And he said [H8799]   H7604 , There remaineth [H8804]   H6996 yet the youngest H7462 , and, behold, he keepeth [H8802]   H6629 the sheep H8050 . And Samuel H559 said [H8799]   H3448 unto Jesse H7971 , Send [H8798]   H3947 and fetch [H8798]   H5437 him: for we will not sit down [H8799]   H935 till he come [H8800]   H6311 hither.
  12 H7971 And he sent [H8799]   H935 , and brought him in [H8686]   H132 . Now he was ruddy H5973 , and withal H3303 of a beautiful H5869 countenance H2896 , and goodly H7210 to look to H3068 . And the LORD H559 said [H8799]   H6965 , Arise [H8798]   H4886 , anoint [H8798]   him: for this is he.
  13 H8050 Then Samuel H3947 took [H8799]   H7161 the horn H8081 of oil H4886 , and anointed [H8799]   H7130 him in the midst H251 of his brethren H7307 : and the Spirit H3068 of the LORD H6743 came [H8799]   H1732 upon David H3117 from that day H4605 forward H8050 . So Samuel H6965 rose up [H8799]   H3212 , and went [H8799]   H7414 to Ramah.
  14 H7307 But the Spirit H3068 of the LORD H5493 departed [H8804]   H7586 from Saul H7451 , and an evil H7307 spirit H3068 from the LORD H1204 troubled [H8765]   him.
  15 H7586 And Saul's H5650 servants H559 said [H8799]   H7451 unto him, Behold now, an evil H7307 spirit H430 from God H1204 troubleth [H8764]   thee.
  16 H113 Let our lord H559 now command [H8799]   H5650 thy servants H6440 , which are before H1245 thee, to seek out [H8762]   H376 a man H3045 , who is a cunning [H8802]   H5059 player [H8764]   H3658 on an harp H7451 : and it shall come to pass, when the evil H7307 spirit H430 from God H5059 is upon thee, that he shall play [H8765]   H3027 with his hand H2895 , and thou shalt be well [H8804]  .
  17 H7586 And Saul H559 said [H8799]   H5650 unto his servants H7200 , Provide [H8798]   H376 me now a man H5059 that can play [H8763]   H3190 well [H8688]   H935 , and bring [H8689]   him to me.
  18 H6030 Then answered [H8799]   H259 one H5288 of the servants H559 , and said [H8799]   H7200 , Behold, I have seen [H8804]   H1121 a son H3448 of Jesse H1022 the Bethlehemite H3045 , that is cunning [H8802]   H5059 in playing [H8763]   H1368 , and a mighty H2428 valiant man H376 , and a man H4421 of war H995 , and prudent [H8737]   H1697 in matters H8389 , and a comely H376 person H3068 , and the LORD is with him.
  19 H7586 Wherefore Saul H7971 sent [H8799]   H4397 messengers H3448 unto Jesse H559 , and said [H8799]   H7971 , Send [H8798]   H1732 me David H1121 thy son H6629 , which is with the sheep.
  20 H3448 And Jesse H3947 took [H8799]   H2543 an ass H3899 laden with bread H4997 , and a bottle H3196 of wine H259 , and a H1423 kid H5795   H7971 , and sent [H8799]   H3027 them by H1732 David H1121 his son H7586 unto Saul.
  21 H1732 And David H935 came [H8799]   H7586 to Saul H5975 , and stood [H8799]   H6440 before H157 him: and he loved [H8799]   H3966 him greatly H5375 ; and he became his armourbearer [H8802]   H3627  .
  22 H7586 And Saul H7971 sent [H8799]   H3448 to Jesse H559 , saying [H8800]   H1732 , Let David H5975 , I pray thee, stand [H8799]   H6440 before H4672 me; for he hath found [H8804]   H2580 favour H5869 in my sight.
  23 H7307 And it came to pass, when the evil spirit H430 from God H7586 was upon Saul H1732 , that David H3947 took [H8804]   H3658 an harp H5059 , and played [H8765]   H3027 with his hand H7586 : so Saul H7304 was refreshed [H8804]   H2895 , and was well [H8804]   H7451 , and the evil H7307 spirit H5493 departed [H8804]   from him.