1 Chronicles 27:29-31

  29 H1241 And over the herds H7462 that fed [H8802]   H8289 in Sharon H7861 was Shitrai H8290 the Sharonite H1241 : and over the herds H6010 that were in the valleys H8202 was Shaphat H1121 the son H5724 of Adlai:
  30 H1581 Over the camels H179 also was Obil H3459 the Ishmaelite H860 : and over the asses H3165 was Jehdeiah H4824 the Meronothite:
  31 H6629 And over the flocks H3151 was Jaziz H1905 the Hagerite H8269 . All these were the rulers H7399 of the substance H4428 which was king H1732 David's.