1 Chronicles 16:37-42

  37 H5800 So he left [H8799]   H6440 there before H727 the ark H1285 of the covenant H3068 of the LORD H623 Asaph H251 and his brethren H8334 , to minister [H8763]   H6440 before H727 the ark H8548 continually H3117 , as every day's H1697 work H3117 required:
  38 H5654 And Obededom H251 with their brethren H8346 , threescore H8083 and eight H5654 ; Obededom H1121 also the son H3038 of Jeduthun H2621 and Hosah H7778 to be porters:
  39 H6659 And Zadok H3548 the priest H251 , and his brethren H3548 the priests H6440 , before H4908 the tabernacle H3068 of the LORD H1116 in the high place H1391 that was at Gibeon,
  40 H5927 To offer [H8687]   H5930 burnt offerings H3068 unto the LORD H4196 upon the altar H5930 of the burnt offering H8548 continually H1242 morning H6153 and evening H3789 , and to do according to all that is written [H8803]   H8451 in the law H3068 of the LORD H6680 , which he commanded [H8765]   H3478 Israel;
  41 H1968 And with them Heman H3038 and Jeduthun H7605 , and the rest H1305 that were chosen [H8803]   H5344 , who were expressed [H8738]   H8034 by name H3034 , to give thanks [H8687]   H3068 to the LORD H2617 , because his mercy H5769 endureth for ever;
  42 H1968 And with them Heman H3038 and Jeduthun H2689 with trumpets H4700 and cymbals H8085 for those that should make a sound [H8688]   H7892 , and with musical H3627 instruments H430 of God H1121 . And the sons H3038 of Jeduthun H8179 were porters.