Song of Songs 5:9-16

JuliaSmith(i) 9 What is thy beloved above the beloved, O beautiful one among women? What thy beloved above the beloved, that thou didst thus adjure us? 10 My beloved is white and ruddy, bearing the standard of ten thousand. 11 His head purified gold, his locks waving branches, black as a raven. 12 His eyes as doves upon channels of waters washed with milk, sitting upon fulness. 13 His cheeks as beds of spices, towers of aromatic herbs: his lips lilies, dropping overflowing myrrh. 14 His hands rings of gold completed in Tarshish: his bowels wrought ivory covered over with sapphires. 15 His legs bases of white marble, founded upon of pure gold: his aspect as Lebanon, choice as the cedars. 16 His palate, sweetness: he is all loveliness. This my beloved, and this my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.