Psalms 112

JuliaSmith(i) 1 Praise ye Jah. Happy the man fearing Jehovah, delighting greatly in his commands.. 2 His seed shall be great in the earth: the generation of the upright shall be praised. 3 Wealth and riches in his house, and his justice stands forever. 4 Light arose in darkness to the upright: merciful and compassionate and just 5 A good man, being merciful and lending: he will hold up his words in judgment; 6 For he shall not be moved forever: the just one shall be for eternal remembrance. 7 He shall not fear an evil report: his heart being prepared to trust in Jehovah. 8 His heart being sustained, he will not fear even till he shall look upon his enemies. 9 He scattered, he gave to the needy; his justice stands forever; his horn shall be exalted in glory. 10 The unjust one shall see and be angry; shall gnash his teeth and he melted away: the desire of the unjust shall perish.