Psalms 111

JuliaSmith(i) 1 Praise ye Jah. I will praise Jehovah with all the heart, in the consultation of the upright, and the assembly. 2 Great the works of Jehovah, sought out to all their desires. 3 Strength and honor his work, and his justice stands forever. 4 He made remembrance to his wonders. Jehovah merciful and compassionate. 5 He gave prey to those fearing him: he will remember forever his covenant 6 The power of his work, he announced to his people, to give them the inheritance of the nations. 7 The works of his hands are truth and judgment; faithful are all his charges; 8 Being sustained even to forever, being done in truth and uprightness. 9 He sent deliverance to his people: he commanded his covenant forever: holy and terrible his name. 10 The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Jehovah: a good understanding to all doing them: his praise stands forever.