Judges 7

JuliaSmith(i) 1 And Jerub-Baal (he is Gideon) will rise early and all the people that is with him, and they will encamp by the fountain of Harod: and the camp of Midian was to him from the north from the hill of Moreh, in the valley. 2 And Jehovah will say to Gideon, The people many which are with thee for me to give Midian into their hand, lest Israel shall glory before me, saying, My hand saved me. 3 And now, call now in the ears of the people, saying, Who being afraid and trembling shall turn back and turn about from mount Gilead. And there will turn back from the people twenty and two thousand; and ten thousand were left 4 And Jehovah will say to Gideon, Yet the people many; bring them down to the waters, and I will purify them for thee there; and it shall be of whom saying to thee, This shall go with thee, he shall go with thee; and all which saying to thee, This shall not go with thee, he shall not go. 5 And he will bring down the people to the waters: and Jehovah will say to Gideon, Every one which shall lap with his tongue from the waters as the dog will lap, thou shalt put him alone; and all which shall bend upon his knees to drink 6 And the number of those lapping with their hand to their mouth, will be three hundred men: and all the remainder of the people bowed upon their knees to drink water. 7 And Jehovah will say to Gideon, By the three hundred men lapping, I will save you, and give Midian into thy hand: and all the people shall go, a man to his place. 8 And the people will take food in their hand and their trumpets: and he sent all the men of Israel a man to his tent, and by the three hundred men he was strengthened: and the camp of Midian was to him beneath in the valley. 9 And it will be in that night, and Jehovah will say to him, Arise, go down to the camp, for I gave him into thy hand. 10 And if thou shalt fear to go down go down thou and Phurah thy youth to the camp: 11 And thou heardest what they shall speak: and afterward thy hands shall be strengthened, and go down to the camp. And he will go down, he and Phurah his boy to the extremity of the brave which in the camp. 12 And Midain and Amalek, and all the sons of the east, encamping in the valley, as the locust for multiude; and to their camels no number, as the sand which is upon the lip of the sea for multitude. 13 And Gideon will come, and behold, a man recounting a dream to his neighbor; and he will say, Behold, I dreamed a dream, and behold, a round cake of barley bread rolling into the camp of Midian; and it will come even to the tent, and it will strike it, and it will fall and will turn it over, so that the tent fell. 14 And his neighbor will answer and say, This is nothing else but the sword of Gideon, son of Joash, a man of Israel: God gave into his hand Midian, and all the camp. 15 And it will be when Gideon heard the recounting of the dream and its breaking, and he will worship, and turn back to the camp of Israel, and he will say, Arise, ye, for Jehovah gave into your hand the camp of Midian. 16 And he will divide the three hundred men into three beginnings, and he will give trumpets into the hand of them all, and empty buckets, and torches in the midst of the buckets. 17 And he will say to them, Ye shall look upon me, and so shall ye do: and behold me coming to the extremity of the camp, and it was as I shall do, so ye shall do. 18 And I struck upon the trumpet, I and all that are with me, and ye struck upon the trumpets, also ye round about all the camp, and say, For Jehovah and for Gideon. 19 And Gideon will go and the hundred men that are with him, to the extremity of the, camp, the beginning of the middle watch; only now rising up they raised up those watching: and they will strike upon the trumpets, and they brake the buckets that are in their hand. 20 And the three heads will strike upon the trumpets, and will break the buckets, and they will hold fast in their left hand upon the torches, and in their right hand the trumpets to strike: and they will call the sword for Jehovah and for Gideon. 21 And they will stand a man for himself round about the camp; and all the camp will run and cry out and flee. 22 And the three hundred will clang the trumpets, and Jehovah will set the sword of a man against his neighbor and in all the camp: and the camp fled even to the House of Acacia of Zererath, even to the lip of Abel-Meholah, to Tabbath. 23 And a man of Israel will be called from Naphtali, and from Asher, and from Manasseh, and they will pursue after Midian. 24 And Gideon sent messengers into all mount Ephraim, saying, Come down to meet Midian, and take before them the waters even to the House of Passage, and Jordan. And every man of Ephraim will be called together, and they will take the waters even to the House of Passage and Jordan. 25 And they will take the two chiefs of Midian. Oreb and Zeeb; and they will kill Oreb upon the rock of Oreb, ' and Zeeb they killed at the wine press of Zeeb, and they pursued against Midian, and the heads of Oreb and Zeeb they brought to Gideon beyond Jordan.