1 Chronicles 16:37-42

JuliaSmith(i) 37 And he will leave there before the ark of the covenant of Jehovah, to Asaph and to his brethren, to serve before the ark always, for the word of a day in its day. 38 And Obed-Edom and his brethren, sixty and eight; and Obed-Edom son of Jeduthun and Hosah for gate-keepers: 39 And Zadok the priest, and his brethren the priests, before the dwelling of Jehovah in the height which is in Gibeon 40 To bring up burnt-offerings to Jehovah upon the altar of burnt-offering always at morning and at evening, and according to all written in the law of Jehovah which he charged upon Israel; 41 And with them Heman and Jeduthun, and the rest being chosen, who were separated by names to confess to Jehovah: for his mercy is forever. 42 And with them Heman and Jeduthun, with trumpets and cymbals to cause to hear, and instruments of song of God. And the sons of Jeduthun at the gate.