Titus 3:8

JMNT(i) 8 The Idea (The Logos; The Word; The Message; The Thought) [is] full of faith (or: faithful; trustworthy), and I am continuing in intending (determining; designing; or: wishing; wanting) to progressively set you on thoroughly good footing (to make you continue thoroughly stabilized and confidently insistent) about (or: concerning) these things – to the end that those having put trust in God (or: the ones having believed God and now having faith in God) can habitually give careful thought and concern to constantly put themselves in the forefront (or: to continually promote, maintain and stand themselves for the interests) of beautiful deeds (ideal works; fine actions). These things continue being beautiful (fine; ideal), as well as augmenting a furtherance for humanity (profitable to mankind; beneficial in people).