Revelation 19:11-16

JMNT(i) 11 Then I saw the atmosphere (or: sky; heaven), having been opened – and consider! A bright, white horse. And the One continually sitting upon it being constantly called "Faithful (Full of Faith; To Be Trusted; Trustworthy; Loyal) and True (or: Real), " and He is continuously judging (making decisions and separations) and battling (making war) in fairness (within equitable dealings; in justice and right relations which accord with the Way pointed out; also: = in union with covenant). 12 And His eyes [are] a flame of fire; and upon His head [are] many diadems (kingly bands), having a name having been written [other MSS: having names written, and a name] which no one knows except Himself, 13 and having been clothed (or: cast around) with a garment having been dipped in blood (or: dyed with blood), and His Name is being called "The Word of God (God’s Logos; The Message from God; God’s Idea)." 14 And the armies in the atmosphere (or: heaven) – ones having been clothed with (invested with; entered within) clean (or: pure) bright, white fine cotton – continued following Him upon bright, white horses. 15 Also, a sharp two-edged broadsword repeatedly goes out (issues forth; proceeds) from His mouth, to the end that in it He may smite (or: strike) the multitudes (nations; ethnic groups). And He will continue shepherding them with an iron staff. Furthermore He is continually treading, [as on a path], (or: trampling) the tub (the wine vat) of the wine of the strong passion of the internal swelling fervor (natural impulse; mental bent; personal emotion; or: indignation; wrath) of the All-Strong (Almighty) God. 16 And upon His garment and upon [His] thigh He has a Name having been written: "King of kings and Lord of lords."