Philippians 4:8

JMNT(i) 8 In conclusion (or: Finally; or: What [is] left), brothers (= fellow believers; [my] family), as much as is true (or: as many things as are genuine and real), as many as [are] awe-inspiring (serious; respectable; noble; dignified by holiness), as much as [is] rightwised (put right; fair, equitable; just; in right relationship within the Way pointed out), as many as [are] pure and innocent, as much as [is] affection-inducing (friendly; directed toward what is liked; lovable or lovely; agreeable; well-regarded; winsome; engendering fondness; attractive; kindly disposed; loveable), as many as [are] well-spoken-of (commendable; reputable; of good report; the effect of fair speaking; renowned), if [there is] any excellence and nobleness (virtues of braveness, courage, good character, quality, self-restraint, magnificence, benevolence, reliability) [in them] and if [there is] any praise applied (expression of high evaluation; honor paid; approval or applause) [to them], be habitually thinking about these things in a logical way (repeatedly make these things the focus of careful consideration and analysis; continuously take these things into account)!