Philippians 3:21

JMNT(i) 21 Who will continue actively transfiguring (progressively refashioning and remodeling; continuously changing the form of) our body from the low condition and status (or: the body of our humiliation; or: the body which is us, pertaining to this lowliness) [which is] joint-formed in, by and with the body of His glory (or with other MSS: into the [situation] for it to be brought into existence conformed to, and having the same form together with, His body, from that which calls forth praise and has the character of His good reputation]), down from (or: in accord with; in the sphere of; along the lines of; to the level of; following the pattern of; stepping along with; commensurate with; as directed by) the inward operation (energy; in-working) of the [conditions or situation for] Him to be continuously able (or: with power) also to humbly align The Whole to and in Himself (or: to subject and subordinate all things for Himself; to arrange everything under so as to have full control and to support [it] by and with Himself).